Friday, 11 October 2013

The Granary in Florence

On our final day to explore Florence, I took a bike tour through Florencetown tours. Before the bike tour started, I walked around the “Granary” which was just one block away from where the tour started.


It had “tabernacles” of saints and apostles around it… I took pictures of them all, starting with Peter (to the right of the corner you see above)





I believe I’ve got the order of the tabernacles correctly… the best that I can figure it out is that two walls had 4 tabernacles on them, and the other two had 3 on them… all separated by beautiful arches like the picture below shows.


Here is a plaque describing the building. Funny, I just read it now, almost two weeks to the day after taking it… another place I’ll have to go into when I return to Florence.


Onto my next post about the bike tour I took!

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