Friday, 24 January 2014

Two weeks until I move! And a poem...

Last December I applied for and got a job in a town about 148.9 km (92.5 miles) away from me. I got it, and start in just over 3 weeks. I start moving my stuff over there in 2 weeks! This is the first time in 30 years that I have moved by myself (and definitely could not have got this far without a LOT of help from my family and friends!)... and it is definitely the farthest move I've done in over 35 years... this time is different as well, as I have a house to sell, and another to buy --- I've not done that before, and am just hoping that things go alright.  So, be aware that there will be lots of posts in the future about my new place, but not for quite a while, as I expect there to be a 4 month period between starting to sell, and getting the keys to my new place.  But, there will be a lot of posts about things I've discovered that are new in the town I grew up in :-) It has been almost 40 years since I have lived there! Now I'm feeling old! This year is bound to be a year of change, some good, some bad, and some definitely sad. But then, right now I'm thinking of this coming weekend.

Tomorrow I go there to attend my Mom's memorial service. It will be bitter sweet to attend. She fought a brave battle with cancer.  I hope that if I ever face that battle, that I will do it with such calm determination that she had. Sweet, because I know she is now at peace and out of pain.

My niece Tina, and Aunty Joy did a wonderful job on her obituary:

I wrote another poem for Mom... it is very rough around the edges, and I don't know if I will ever try to polish it up so that the rhythm is better. I don't think doing that matters, as I was just writing down memories of what made my Mom, Mom... a classy lady that I hope I reflect as I grow older myself.

Our Mother

motherless at 12,
her Grandmother raised her
she married Dad at 18
and was mother shortly after
she learned to cook for a crowd
making the most of hamburger

the budget was tight
with 8 mouths to feed
and a pantry to keep
with gardens to grow
chickens to pluck
and clothes to sew

she loved to try new things
harvesting wild crafted plants
like skunk cabbage and nettles
and learning which
vitamins or herbs to use
to help cure our sore throats

at every river or beach
there was a treasure to find
as she looked for the rocks
for her rock polisher to fill
or fungi and shells to paint
for gifts that were made

there were laughter and tears
as families will have
but firm faith she held
'though sometimes it made her sad
to let her children grow
and go their own way

growing old with our Dad
their smiles were glad
as they walked their lives
together hand in hand
down the road of life
until he passed

by herself she let
her spirit enlarge
to study and help
those who'd let her impart
her love of the LORD
and the hope she held dear

her hope was secure
until the end of her days
her thankful heart
around her shone
and touched all who knew her
and felt her sweet spirit

Monday, 13 January 2014

For my Mom

My mom is in hospice, and my sister and I have been blessed to be able to spend some time during these last final days she has left... she is still with us, but I wrote a poem for her that I thought I'd share --- I tend to like to write poetry when I'm upset or facing my fears.

For Marion

Shallow breaths
fighting for time
memories fading
forever mine

Patiently waiting
the family near
talking so softly
of things they hold dear

Dreams, aspirations
things they have done
where they are going
where they've come from

The joy and the sorrow
of the final goodbyes
sad thankful tears
for the peace obtained

as the last soft breath
brings . . . silence.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Love You Card

Sorry for the delay in getting the first card of the year for the Card a Day Blog up! I’m in the middle of a move, and slept through my alarm this morning.

So, this is an example of what type of card you can do in under 1 hour, from design to finish.

I did it as a simple print and cut (but I cut it, as it was really simple).  I chose some plaid and plain hearts and a vinyl expression that touched me (thinking of hubby). Print them out and adhered them to a blue card base. I think you can see that the hearts are on dimensional tape, where the expression is just taped down with double sided tape.

Sometimes love is simple too, no?