Monday, 30 January 2012

Simply Get Well

I am still in recycle mode since Christmas! Every card I’ve made since then has had some bit recycled from another card or wrapping paper, etc. This card has junk mail in it! Can you guess which parts are recycled?
If you said the bow, yep, that came from a box of chocolates I bought on the cheap after Christmas sales… If you are from Canada, you may recognize the other part of this card that I recycled from my junk mail!
When I saw this “cookbook menu” ad from Boston Pizza, I knew it would become part of a card! I simply cut it out to fit my card base (6 inch square), and hand cut the opening to remove the wording. I then used Craft Artist to compose the flowers & sentiment I taped under the “hole”. Then taping it all to top of the card base.
digital insert
I could have opted to layer my items on top of the red circle of the piece of junk mail to cover the wording also. Another option would have been to cut through the circle and the card base (front) and put the sentiment inside the card, making a window card.  So many options! That’s part of the fun of card making… letting your inspiration move you!
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Sunday, 15 January 2012


Welcome! Today I'm posting a card for the Card a Day Blog! The theme this week there is Thanks!
I used a basic card from Serif's Craft Artist, and made it with a twist... So it is part digital, and part recycling :-)
Here is what the original digital card looked like:
original digital craft artist card
I took the basic idea, and made a digital copy of the “Thanks!!” wording, placed on top of another splash graphic. Made a coordinating ribbon, and another “Thanks!!” wording. That’s the one thing I like about working digitally – you can make everything work together, color and scale wise.
I carefully cut out my “embellishments”
I then took a blank card, and taped a piece of green cardstock on it. The card front size is 6 3/4 inches by 4 1/2 inches, landscape orientation.
On top of that, I taped a piece of Hallmark wrapping paper I saved from a present (it was just too pretty to toss!). It has flowers and silvery leaves over a white background. The size is just smaller than the cardstock, so it appears framed.
Then I attached my paper ribbon, and the splash wording.
I carefully cut out just the words from the separately printed wording, sprayed glue on it and then transparent glitter. Attaching it on top of the splash graphic with dimensional adhesive tape. If you don’t like this effect, you could always spray with clear gloss spray to give it a different texture or sheen that would make it stand out more.
I think my recycled “pattern” and “paper” looks much better than just a digitally printed card, don’t you think too?

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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Confessions of a Craft-a-holic

I am so glad that recycling has become vogue, because in my sorting out my craft room, I’ve discovered way too many special “I can reuse that” items I have – errrr – hoarded away.

I’ve also discovered things that I bought for card making, that I really don’t like. Its either because I’m not using them correctly, or that I had a preconceived idea of how they should work. Case in point… the current “mists” I’m using. They come out not as fine a mist as I think they should, and they do not dry as quickly either.  I definitely am going back to an alcohol based product, or will learn how to make my own. Before I do that though, I’m going to try to use up all the things I don’t like first… Perhaps I’ll learn to like them LOL

Now I’m in a panic, because I know I have more cards I’ve saved to recycle bits from… so this is the time I will be working hard to organize it before gardening season starts! So, my main confession is to really warn you about some impromptu posts coming up on how to recycle old Christmas cards into new ones! I’ll try to limit my posts to three examples, and show you how I’ve managed to reduce my “treasures” and put them into good use again!

Now that you’ve been warned… Come back tomorrow for the first installment of Card Recycling-101!

Simple Love–January 8th Card a Day Blog


I wanted to make something to demonstrate you don’t need a lot to make a neat looking card.

I used watercolor paper, spritzed with  Perfect Pearls Mists (forever red & perfect pearl).


I sketched the wording on with a fine tipped red felt pen, and traced the small words with a glitter gel pen and the Love with dimensional paint.

The hearts are from a “puffy heart” package I bought.

Its hard to see the shimmer from the home-made background, but it does look good!

My design was kinda the “X” marks the spot, with the intent of your eye being drawn back to the love by the positioning of the puffy hearts. You have to be careful doing this, as one too many hearts could mess with a good thing Smile 


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Now, as promised, here is my other idea for a card that could simply be made with two different types of paper, glue, tape, and floral wire!

I originally made this “card” as part of a multi-birthday card bouquet for a work party. But what Valentine’s Day is not nicer for having a flower or two?


The blue flower petals are cut from fun foam (you could use your color choice of cardstock), and is one piece (from a hexagon folded envelope card pattern).  I got the pattern here. The “card” part of the flower, with the pattern, is cut with the same pattern, leaving the inside for whatever sentiment or love note you would want to share with your sweetheart!  I taped the flower onto a piece of floral wire, but even by itself, it would be a neat thing to place at a table setting, by a coffee cup or with lunch!