Sunday, 15 January 2012


Welcome! Today I'm posting a card for the Card a Day Blog! The theme this week there is Thanks!
I used a basic card from Serif's Craft Artist, and made it with a twist... So it is part digital, and part recycling :-)
Here is what the original digital card looked like:
original digital craft artist card
I took the basic idea, and made a digital copy of the “Thanks!!” wording, placed on top of another splash graphic. Made a coordinating ribbon, and another “Thanks!!” wording. That’s the one thing I like about working digitally – you can make everything work together, color and scale wise.
I carefully cut out my “embellishments”
I then took a blank card, and taped a piece of green cardstock on it. The card front size is 6 3/4 inches by 4 1/2 inches, landscape orientation.
On top of that, I taped a piece of Hallmark wrapping paper I saved from a present (it was just too pretty to toss!). It has flowers and silvery leaves over a white background. The size is just smaller than the cardstock, so it appears framed.
Then I attached my paper ribbon, and the splash wording.
I carefully cut out just the words from the separately printed wording, sprayed glue on it and then transparent glitter. Attaching it on top of the splash graphic with dimensional adhesive tape. If you don’t like this effect, you could always spray with clear gloss spray to give it a different texture or sheen that would make it stand out more.
I think my recycled “pattern” and “paper” looks much better than just a digitally printed card, don’t you think too?

Thanks for visiting my blog… make sure to check out the Card a Day blog for more inspiration!
Don’t forget to enter the cards you make in our challenge too! There are some neat prizes, and you won’t win if you don’t enter!


  1. Fantastic card-what a emphasis on the word! Enjoyed the tutorial on it to and yes I agree it looks better the digitally printed card. TFS

    1. I love the inspiration one can get from digital cards... I'm still working on my craft room organization - but wait until you see some of the cards I plan to recycle! Hopefully later on today I'll be able to do my part one of my "recycling" series on cards.

  2. Love the sparkly 'thanks' Shelley! And you know I'm always good for recycling and using up scraps. ;-)

    1. My husband always knows he's given me a good Christmas card - if I ask if I can cut it up right away :-) One of his cards didn't make it through the season, but ended up being a fridge magnet I admired for a few years before it got too tattered to keep.