Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Springtime Gift Card

Hi! Thanks for visiting from Card a Day Blog! Below is a card I made for a spring present of gardening supplies! I’m sure my friend will follow the sentiment on the card front!
It is a simple card that you could do using diecuts, flowers, ribbon, buttons and a tag with a stamped or printed sentiment. I had to do this card on short notice, so for me, print and cut on my Silhouette was the easiest way to have a co-ordinated look! (I never did think I would like print and cutting, but boy oh boy, does it make my life easy now!)
The card base was 5” x 7” basic white card that I buy packs of 50 cards/envelopes.
I used a floral arch I had in Silhouette Studio, coloring the flowers and leaves digitally. I created a blank mat for under the floral arch, and a sentiment tag for the card front.  Here is what my creation looked like before I print and cut it.
The one thing I did do was cut out extra mats for the floral arch, and glued them together to make a faux chipboard element.  It works, but next time I think I will do a minimum of 6 layers, instead of the three I did, to make it more substantial!
Below is a picture of how I put it together on the card... basically placed a ribbon 1/3 of the way from the top of the card, and adhered the floral arch and tag with dimensional tape.

I sure hope this inspires you to make a similar card too!
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Monday, 23 April 2012

Welcome Spring!

Thanks for visiting from Card a Day Blog! Today I made a card to “Welcome Spring”. The little birds on a birdbath are actually a picture of a ceramic garden ornament I have in my back yard.
I took a picture of it, used CraftArtist to take out the background, and then printed it 4 times.
I then cut out the basic shape, and then the layers of birds to make the image 3-D when using dimensional adhesive tape or dots.  I Mod Podged the bottom area of the card front and attached a simple matted word art, and voila! A neat general purpose card to include a letter for someone special Smile
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Monday, 16 April 2012

Back from camping!

We went camping at Twin Lake for my 50th Birthday!


I’ve also have my new picture blog up and running, celebrating life at 50, with more pictures of the weekend! (hint hint…. check tomorrows post at 365 days of fifty)

Sunday, 1 April 2012

You’re the Best!

Thanks for visiting! Here is my card made for the Card a Day Blog!

I had such fun making this card! And that is what crafting is supposed to be…


I was inspired by some free digital paper from Super Scrap, and thought how neat it would be to have a “chalkboard” themed card.


Looking around for inspiration, I came across a youtube video on making a Flip Card.

I designed the basic pattern I wanted with Silhouette Studio, with the intent of making an even border around the “swing” part of the card. It looked like this:

card base in studio

The dimensions of the card base, before folding, is 5” x 7 1/2”.

I cut it with a pale green cardstock, and then cut two inside pieces of contrasting colored cardstock. One piece was white for the “inside” and the other was a deep blue-green for the outside of the swing insert.


I glued them on their respective sides of the card base. Folded the card, and started decorating with a white jelly pen to simulate kid’s doodling! It was so much fun, I carried on making a pen border around the card and swing insert with a blue glitter pen. Inside the card it was easy to see where I could write the sentiment “You’re the Best! oxoxoxo “


I used a clear glaze pen to deepen the color of the “Thanks", and it really makes it pop out! The final card dimensions are 5 inches square.

I had such fun doing this card, I know I will do more swing cards in the future!