Sunday, 1 April 2012

You’re the Best!

Thanks for visiting! Here is my card made for the Card a Day Blog!

I had such fun making this card! And that is what crafting is supposed to be…


I was inspired by some free digital paper from Super Scrap, and thought how neat it would be to have a “chalkboard” themed card.


Looking around for inspiration, I came across a youtube video on making a Flip Card.

I designed the basic pattern I wanted with Silhouette Studio, with the intent of making an even border around the “swing” part of the card. It looked like this:

card base in studio

The dimensions of the card base, before folding, is 5” x 7 1/2”.

I cut it with a pale green cardstock, and then cut two inside pieces of contrasting colored cardstock. One piece was white for the “inside” and the other was a deep blue-green for the outside of the swing insert.


I glued them on their respective sides of the card base. Folded the card, and started decorating with a white jelly pen to simulate kid’s doodling! It was so much fun, I carried on making a pen border around the card and swing insert with a blue glitter pen. Inside the card it was easy to see where I could write the sentiment “You’re the Best! oxoxoxo “


I used a clear glaze pen to deepen the color of the “Thanks", and it really makes it pop out! The final card dimensions are 5 inches square.

I had such fun doing this card, I know I will do more swing cards in the future!


  1. This is just to cute and perfect for a teacher

  2. What a cute card. I love flip cards, and you did a great job on yours. Love the chalkboard theme. Thanks for sharing with us...:-)