Wednesday, 9 October 2013

More Venice Pictures!

I found some of my other photos of Venice! And figured out how to take screen shots on my iphone and ipad (particularly useful when looking at maps when connected with wifi). Below on the left is an overview of Venice, the blue dot is where our apartment was. On the right is a zoomed in view of where the cruise ships dock, the buses come, and the train station is.


The next six pictures are a bit of what we saw in our walks around Venice.  Left to right, top to bottom: One of the many bridges between the areas in Venice. On our early morning walk, the streets aren’t too busy yet. A cargo boat tied up, and behind it on the street you can see how the goods are transported on carts.  Venice’s version of rolling pallets. Garbage carts --- garbage is collected daily. And I’m not sure what sort of team was “rowing”, it looked cool though.


Below are views from the train station. Busy area!



The train we took was a high speed train like the one I took a picture of when we travelled from Rome to Naples in a previous blog post. Below is a picture of the lunch I bought on the train for $8 EU (about $11 Cdn), and the monitor that showed our progress, and speed that we were travelling… not too fast this time, only up to about 176 km/hr.


On to Florence! Or in Italian - Firenze!

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