Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A Quilting Thanksgiving!

I feel so blessed to have been able to visit my sister and her family this Thanksgiving! We were able to stay two nights and three days. The first day was glorious, and sis & I took Cody for a walk around the neighborhood. Cody totally impressed us when he leading us out of the woods (we were bushwhacking, trying to go through the woods to my sister’s place). It doesn’t sound that impressive, except for the fact that this is the first time Cody has ever bushwhacked, and he led us out exactly the way we went in… Every time I thought we were getting lost, there was another sign that we had been there before, and we landed right on the trail we bushwhacked from!

One of her neighbors had the cutest mailbox.


Thanksgiving day was full of preparation. . . We all left the table full, happy and content. Just the way Thanksgiving is supposed to be!

Today, Arlis & I spent at the Quadra Island Quilting Guild’s meeting. My sister is the secretary, and has got me involved in it too – my only regret is that work keeps me from going to the meetings.  I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting, and the opportunity that we had to work on our quilt square for the upcoming Hands Across the Water event at Powell River, this coming weekend!

I’m closing this post with a series of pictures from the show and tell from the meeting.  I regret that I don’t know everyone well enough to be able to credit them. . . but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying their hard work, and hopefully being inspired yourself!











Enjoy! And make sure to check out my blog later on this week! I have a post scheduled for the Card A Day Blog, and will have a post or two relating to my sister & my adventures this week (we plan to go to Port Alberni, and then Powell River for HAW!).

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