Friday, 14 October 2011

Bulbs for Barb

It is hard to believe, that in just over one month, my sister Barb will have been gone for a whole year.  I miss her sweet spirit so much, and only hope that a good part of her is reflected in what I do in my life.  If that is an epitaph, I hope it is mine, to be able to inspire someone the way she had inspired me.
This is also part of the story of the picture background of my blog. It will always have a picture of the area my sister Arlis and I chose to honor Barb. At Sproat Lake.
We planted a tree in Fossli Park and scattered her ashes nearby. Her request was to have a cherry tree planted for her. We got the best looking pie cherry tree called “Northstar”, and planted it on her birthday last spring. April 30th.
We also made a promise to do some planting of bulbs or spreading seeds yearly for her, and this post is pictures of our visit to the park.
Here is a picture of my sister Arlis walking ahead of me. It is about a 3/4 of an hour hike to the lake.
There was lots of moss, mushrooms, and fall colour to appreciate along the way.
We were delighted to see that Barb’s tree survived the summer. There were lots of little trees sprouting around it. Some of the pansies that we had planted with the tree had spread their seeds and they were sprouting all around it. Also some special flowers from the family homestead we planted by it were still there!
It didn’t take us long to clear around her tree, and plant some daffodils around it. Cody supervised the whole time Smile
Job accomplished! We enjoyed our visit, and trip to plant Barb’s bulbs.
Here is the view that is my new background of the blog.
Remember to hug the ones you love today.

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