Thursday, 20 October 2011

Quilting! Quilting! Quilting!

Last week was inspiring! First off, I was able to attend the Quadra Quilters’ Guild Meeting on Tuesday! My a quilting thanksgiving post shared some of the quilts that were shared there.  I also signed up for the block of the month. It is a hand applique square called Topeka Rose.  Today, I was able to finish it!


I still have to hand wash (very gently) and steam it, but am so happy to have got it done with time to spare before the next meeting!

The other quilting event that was inspiring to me during the past week, was attending the 2011 Hands Across the Water (or HAW) event at Powell River.  It is a meeting of the quilting guilds between Denman Island and Port Hardy (North Vancouver Island), including the Sunshine Coast of the BC mainland.  Over 200 quilters attended! There were at least 5 vendors set up, and it was so hard to choose what special thing to splurge on for myself to commemorate attending the event! I ended up getting a Clover Fabric Folding Pen. I’m sure it will come in handy for my paper crafts too!

We were inspired by the guest speaker at HAW…. Courtenay Pollock, a tie-die artist. You can see some of his artwork at his website. He had 5 huge samples of his work hung on the walls. As you can see, they covered at least an 8 ft square section of wall each!



Below, from left to right:  Arlis, myself, & our “adopted MOM” Margie.



Quilts from the different guilds, for a show and tell.



We were also blessed to see a special quilt that Margie made. There are over 28 different fabrics in it, and it took over one year for her to make! It is absolutely stunning! Some of the squares are as small as 1/2 inch by 2 inches! And it is a King Size quilt! One year I hope to have been able to make a quilt that special for myself too!



And finally, off to home. After this week, I can hardly wait until next year!


Until next time!


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  1. You block you should be proud of Shelly, it is so nice and then when I continued to read and see all those beautiful quilts some I could not believe especially the one displayed on the bed! Just beautiful!!