Friday, 1 November 2013

A Card For Santa’s Helper

Here is my card for the new theme at the Card a Day Blog!

I love recycling cards… so much so, that my co-workers give me their cards after Christmas (usually just the card fronts, but sometimes the whole card (which can be a bonus as sometimes the area around the sentiment is blank, and I can use it in a new card too!)!!!  My husband always new if the card he chose for me was a good one if I wanted to cut it up right away. Actually, one of his cards did not make it until Christmas - I cut it up the next day and decoupaged it and stuck it to magnetic paper and it was on my fridge for over 5 years!

The card I made today is a recycled card… the card base is 5 inches square. I used a card front that I cut out the Santa, and the bottom strip, and then the sentiment that was above the Santa.  Well, you’ll see from the pictures below. The red and gold snowflake paper is actually tissue paper, which when glued onto the card stock kind of crinkles and gives a decoupage like texture… I’ll do that again!

First, the elements I used…

photo 1

The outside of the card…

photo 3

The inside of the card

photo 4

(I created a “pocket” for a gift card holder I cut from another piece of card stock, and a place to slide it into the card - I think you can figure it out by the picture!)

Thanks for visiting, and remember to take time to enjoy the holidays. Its hard not to get caught up in trying to do everything!


  1. Sweet card and like the way you redid it. I like to recycle too, usually use the card fronts on scrapbook layouts or tags,

    1. Thanks! Some cards just lend themselves so much to being able to be cut out and used for embellishments, its hard not to recycle!