Saturday, 9 November 2013

An Elf Gift Card

I had a lot of fun making this Christmas gift card. I wanted to show that you don’t have to have much on hand to make a super cool card. Most of this card was just plain cardstock, but with a bit of embossing, coloring (thanks Xyla), and a smidgeon of wrapping paper, it turned out well IMHO.

I did have to make some lemonade out of one blooper - I had initially hand printed a sentiment inside the card, from one I found in another Christmas card --- which would have been perfect for a gift card --- then I discovered that I misspelled one of the words, sigh.  For future reference the phase was going to be:

Hope it glitters, Hope it sparkles, Hope its beautiful!

I made the card based upon the size of the elf my niece made for me (its so cute, don’t you think!). The card is 4”x6”

photo 3_1.

Elements of the card:

photo 2_1

  • Cuttlebug “Twill Stripe” embossing folder
  • Christmas wrap, scrap green cardstock, and a salvaged sentiment from the inside of an old Christmas card.

 photo 4_1

  • Gift card slider constructed from plain cardstock (see picture below). Sorry, no dimensions, I put it together using scrap paper and a credit card for sizing. Decorated it with Christmas wrap, and taped it to the inside of the card. The card holder has a built in paper bow that I colored with metallic and plain markers.

photo 1_1

I hope you have fun making some cards for the season.  I don’t really like giving money for gifts, but sometimes it makes more sense to send a gift like that through the mail, vs spending so much on postage by sending a parcel. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to make two gift cards….. now, who to send them too!

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  1. Well if that isn't the cutest idea! Love you card holder and the elf is just so fun!

    1. Yes, my niece did a great job of the elf, on the spur of the moment.... took her under 10 minutes to draw, trace, and color it too! Wish I was so talented!

  2. What a cute card. Your niece, Xyla, is very talented. I will have to check out her other creations. Thank you so much for sharing...:-)