Saturday, 21 September 2013

From Rome to Positano

What a full day! We left our apartment in Rome at 8am, and took a taxi to Statione Termini. We were much to early, but better early than late! I have been so worried about costs on this trip, and am so glad that I am traveling with such seasoned travelers who are guiding this journey :-)

Here is a picture of the train we took as it was pulling into the station.  I wish I would have taken pictures of the monitor that was showing our progress, and ads for the train... we were traveling at almost 300 km/hr!  It took us just under 1 hour to get from Rome to Naples.  The trip cost about $45 EU ea.

At Napoli, we arranged to be picked up by a driver from Joe Banana ($130 EU for the 5 of us with luggage).  There is definite advantages with hiring drivers to take you places (the first time at least).  Our driver, Paolo, had what my brother in law would call "personality plus".  He filled us in with such great information of what we were seeing as we traveled between Naples and Positano. We stopped three times along the way for picture taking, and were treated out to a couple of samples of lemon ice (granata?). We were so impressed at the service that we have already arranged to travel with them back from Positano to the airport at Napoli (That will be in another post coming up, as it will include a stop at Pompeii!!!)

Our first view of Positano:

We arrived in Positano and checked in at around 2pm.  Here are some views from our walk in the afternoon.  It will be hard for me to put on a short list which pictures to show you on the blog of what I've seen so far here... this morning I took an hour walk and took over 30 pictures... Last night I must have taken at least another 20 or so..... lets see, we have 2 more days here. Trust me, its very hard to choose!
We had lunch at a small roadside cafe... I had Seafood Salad with had mussels, clams, squid, scallops (?) drizzled with olive oil and lemon on the side. I'm not sure that I would have had it if I knew there were squid in it, but when in Italy, enjoy what you may not usually eat!

The three pictures below are all focusing in on the main public beach.

Above and below, view of the church: Santa Maria Assunta

View from Marina Grande

I've taken some pictures this morning, and have already walked to the other beach today, scoping out where to possibly have dinner when we are here.  

Here is the view towards Spiaggia di Fornillo (Fornillo Beach):

I want to explore here, where I am told there is another restaurant!  (you can see it on the point in the picture above... ) Torre di Clavel

One thing I will say is that the fashion I've seen in the shops is wonderful - even though I might have to stay here a few weeks to thin myself down to fit into some of them (its a real work out going up and down the stairs --- but a very enjoyable one... you can tell a local by the ease they traverse the steps)  I'll try to remember to take some more pictures of the fashion and things available to buy when I go shopping for dinner tonight!

Oh yes! I forgot to show you where we are staying:

And the view from the road towards it.

Hope you are enjoying my adventure ... Until the next post, when hopefully my cold is much better (I slept 12 hrs last night trying to get rid of it!)


  1. These pictures are fantastic! I hope you get well soon so you can get back to enjoying the journey.

    1. I'm just going with the flow... i'm fortunate that during the day I don't congest too much, its when I'm laying down in bed that it bugs me the most... the cold is in my chest now, so I have more of a feeling of what Marcel must have felt like with his lungs, and why he didn't like to lay down. Wait until you see my next post --- its an adventure of trying to go to my church here in Italy (its about a 50 minute drive by car, but I rented a scooter... so am giving myself 2 hrs to get there properly).