Monday, 23 September 2013

Enjoying Positano and a trip to Castellammare di Stabia

My other traveling partners had already rented scooters, and I finally broke down and rented one too.  It was a $55 EU plurge for a one day rental.  Here is my ride:

I only wish my scooter had this speedometer.... the top end of 140 km/hr!

We all went on a ride before dinner up to Nocele, which gives a great overview of the area. Its hard to believe the tops of the cliffes/mountains the area is built against are over 1000 meters high!

The town had a good soccer field... and you can see the area behind it is terraced... really, all the hills are terraced, but not all in cultivation.

What a breathtaking view, eh?  Makes me wish I would have had a better camera... next time!

Sunday morning I took the scooter on a 29 km journey back towards Napoli, to the town of Castellammare di Stabia, to the branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints there.  Here is what the name looks like in Italian.

I was really worried that I would not know anyone or understand anything, but there was a branch member named Fausto sat beside me throughout Sunday School and sacrament and translated for me!  He used his smart phone for the scriptures, and was looking at what programs I was using on my ipad to follow along with the lessons :-)  It was so neat to feel so welcome by everyone there, even though they did not speak english.  Next time I come here I vow that I will speak more!

I didn't stop to take many pictures, as I was retracing the way we came to Positano from Napoli... but here are a few pictures that I will update later on what they are about..... right now I'm getting ready to catch the ride to Venice..... more later!

I'm updating this, but not noting it on the blog post page.... its really only the way for me to remember what I did :-)

Below is a picture of the wake of one of the many ferry or excursion boats that operate out of Positano.  I took the picture as the water turned such a beautiful emerald blue\green right near the shore.

This is one of the traditional sandwiches the local delis made... sliced tomatoes topped with some fresh basil, a little bit (minute) of chopped lettuce.... salt and peppered, then drizzled with olive oil and a bit of balsamic vinegar, then topped with thick slices of fresh mozzarella cheese (not at all like any mozzarella cheese we have at home.... softer and much lighter tastiing) Below is 1/2 of the sandwich I bought for $5 EU. Its about the size of an average hamburger .... so that was a lot of sandwich for the money.  

Our last dinner at Positano was at il Fornillo restaurante, just down the road from where we stayed.

I had Spaghetti with cherry tomatoes (and fresh basil). It had a great olive oil in the sauce as well.  I'm starting to enjoy the el dente texture\flavor of pasta now too.

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