Friday, 20 September 2013

Another Hard Day of Walking in Rome (Part 2)

The Roman Temple, the Forum & Capital Hill

I finally found myself down in the final part of my walk... the Roman Forum. Its a large area that has temples and speaking areas even. I could almost imagine the hustle and bustle millennia ago.

The highlight for me in visiting this temple was the painting in the skylight.  I really wish that I would have taken latin to be able to decipher some of the inscriptions.

Once I get back to my regular computer, I will update the photos on the blog that have writing on them so you can zoom in and read the information on them too!  Lots of history written on them.

I wish I would have seen an information sign on this building, it was quite spectacular.

Finally, in sight of the Forum!

This was at the base of the first set of columns... if you look on the previous picture, you can clearly see where it is (7pm from the center of the picture)

And looking to the right towards Capital Hill

I just realize that the description I made in my previous post of where I wanted to end up was incorrect... I did end up at Capital Hill!!!!

Some insights as to what was in the Forum area.  

And where people spoke:

Looking back over the Forum area.

And in front of the Capital Building, a picture that I hope to sketch and color:

That was my walking adventure... I was relieved to get back to the apartment, and get off my feet (two blisters starting on my pinky toes :-(  )

I hope you caught my previous post that covers the beginning of our walk!

Will be back with more pictures soon!

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