Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Winter vacation update!

I was so excited, and had many plans of things I wanted to do during this week’s vacation.

Sunday was getting the lawn mowed and garden cleaned up.

Monday was dump day – one load of garden waste and clippings, and a small load to the garbage dump after we tore down my old greenhouse (3.5 ft x 6 ft).

The exciting news was making room for a new greenhouse! I’m more than doubling the size of the old one! It will be 7.5 ft x 6 ft! It will have a permanent roof (Sunroof – suntough), and be in the corner of our yard, so the fence sides of the greenhouse will be lined with landscape fabric. That will leave only two walls of plastic to replace every third year or so! There will be a gutter the garden side of the greenhouse, emptying into a rain barrel.

Yesterday, we had hoped to get the basic greenhouse structure up, but it was so rainy and windy that we delayed doing it. Last night it snowed 3 inches, so that nixes the outside work for today!


As you can see, the temperature is well above freezing now, so by tonight we should have mostly slush to deal with – typical Pacific coast weather Sad smile I hate slush!

So, with the snow delay, we will only have time to construct the greenhouse frame in the time left before I have to go back to work.  I really wanted to get a lot more done(getting a truckload of manure and mulch for the gardens, digging out and dividing stuff in the front flower bed etc)!

Crossing my fingers for warmer weather, as I need to create the space to harden off the  plants I’ve started already!

News on the seedlings, planted February 24th and 25th (4 to 5 days ago!):

All 16 plugs of Brachycome are up and starting to form their first true leaves.

The Bacopa is just starting to look like they are germinating.

The Godetia and Begonias show no signs of life yet Sad smile

All 6 Brussel Sprout seeds are up! About 2 days behind the Flowering Kale.

About 1/2 of the petunias have started (36 plugs seeded) and are showing leaves.

12 Flowering Kale are growing well, true leaves beginning to form, and roots reaching the bottom of the plugs.

No sign of life from the Phlox.

I downloaded a garden journal for free from Gardens and Crafts, and Arbico, and will combine favorite pages from each to make my own journal for my seeding entries… Much better than seeing which comes up so slowly (if at all!). I’m hoping this will help me plan next year on what to plant and when.

When we start building the greenhouse, I will be sure to post some more pictures!

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