Saturday, 25 February 2012

Of Plants & Pearls


Its cold and windy here today. The good thing about it, is that the sun is shining, and the lawn will dry out finally!  I have a week’s vacation coming up starting tomorrow morning, and will be out in the yard doing some major work while the sun shines! I have to rebuild my green house, move one garden shed, do a dump run (LOL) and get some mulch and manure for my garden. I’ll be sure to post my progress along the way!

Today has been a good day to finish off some of the planting I’m doing inside…

News on my previous post: Can you believe it! Under 2 days, and the Brachycome Blue Splendor is starting to sprout!

I paid $2.99 Cdn + tax, seeded 16 plugs, and still have well over 100 seeds left. Usually I buy these in individual pots for my hanging baskets, at 75¢ a pop. What a savings! This is the first time I’ve grown them, so I hope they do well!


Things I did last night and this morning:

Now that my Aerogardens are full, I’ve seeded my windowsill planters using a hydroponic grow tray product called “steadyGRO”. The tray pack I bought has 5 rows. I find 2 rows fits my containers perfectly. I find that this product waters well from “below”, but will probably just mist it daily until the plants are bigger.


I used one tray to plant 6 Cardoon seeds, 6 Martha Washington Geranium cuttings, 4 Lemon Scented Geranium cuttings, and 2 Dragon’s Leaf Begonia cuttings. The other tray has 6 plugs of Lobelia, and 14 plugs of Alyssum (lower right photo). As you see, the Alyssum plugs I’ve pre-divided into 4’s, as I will be able to separate them and pot them up much easier that way. I did not do the Lobelia, as the seed was from 2009, and I was not sure of the germination rate.


Now, all of the above was topped off with what I had for lunch!

Friends gave me 4 oysters that I cooked for lunch today…. and out of the four, I got 5 pearls!!! They are all around the same size, so I’m going to have to be very inventive on what I do with them…. I see a necklace pendant in my future! Now just to find some appropriate findings for them (or make my own!)!!!


That is it for now! Hoping you enjoy your day!


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