Friday, 24 February 2012

2012 Gardening Season Begins!

I’m notorious for having an all or nothing attitude about what I’m working on…. Gardening is especially like that for me – I have a hard time in the fall, when the rains start, to motivate myself to do things out in the yard. By the middle of September, you would be hard pressed to see me in my yard at all!

A dear friend of mine started me on the path to seeding my own plants for my garden (I love having lots of flowers)… The nice thing about doing this, is that it does get me in the mood to be out in the garden much earlier than I normally would! I’ve titled this post as the “2012 Gardening Season Begins!” and hope to make it an annual type of post, for when I start my official seeding for the coming year! To see the results of how my seeding goes, click on the label “seeding” – this is the first post with that label, so give it a month or two Smile.

Today’s efforts, between being up and around or in bed (I’ve come down with a nasty cold):

Started three aerogardens with the garden starter inserts.

In two of the aerogardens (1/2 full of plugs, see the picture at the end of this post):

  • Brachycome Blue Splendor – 16 plugs
  • Bacopa – White – 9 plugs
  • Godetia – Grace hybrid mix – 9 plugs
  • Begonia – Bada-bing Scarlet – 27 plugs
  • Brussel Sprouts – Long Island – 6 plugs

brachycomebluebaracopagodetia1badabing (1)brussel_sprouts

The last aerogarden was planted with:

  • Heliotrope Marine – 12 plugs
  • Petunia – Super cascade, pink – 12 plugs
  • Petunia – Double cascade, burgundy – 12 plugs
  • Petunia – Double purple pirouette – 12 plugs
  • Flowering Kale, Peacock Red – 12 plugs
  • Phlox – Peppermint Candy – 6 plugs

heliotrope marinepetunia pinkpetunia burgandypurple petuniaflowering kale peacock redphlox peppermint candy

Most of the seed is at least 1 year old, so I’m hoping their germination rates are still good! The older seed I put in a couple of seed per plug, and hope I’m not having to get the scissors out to thin them too much!

I’m hoping that in a month I will be able to pot these plugs up and start the rest of the garden seeds I usually start inside (tomatoes, lettuce, squash and cucumber).

Other flowers I plan to start from seed inside:

Lobellia, trailing (I have three different colors which I think I will mix and seed)

Allysum, snow carpet

Other flowers I plan to start from cuttings:

Wandering Jew

Lemon Scented Geranium

Martha Washington Geranium


I will have separate entries for the tomatoes I grow Smile


Pictures above are from google searches, and from the seed companies I purchased from if possible.

Below is the first two gardens I planted.


When things start growing, I will try to take another picture that matches this one, so you can see the differences!

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