Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Almost done!

Just a quick update…. the front yard is almost done… all that is left is to purchase approximately 7 packages of annuals for fill in, and to spread the bark mulch. So by this weekend, my front yard will be done! Only one month behind.

I’ll try to take this angle of picture for next years comparison.  So far so good though!


I will have to draw out what plants and perennials I’ve planted, and where, so I can keep the record of how things do. I am quite pleased with how I see it turning out though.  I just realized that I thought I had bought blue carpet juniper, but the one I actually got is more shrub like (spread is 3 ft high by 5 ft wide), so I can see those coming out in about 10 years…. oh well. Gardening to me is always a work in progress Smile

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful Job Shelly!

    I bet you had many nights of good sleep after doing all of that prep work just to take up the old lawn and get the bed ready for planting!

    I am anxious awaiting follow up posts to see its beautiful progression as the garden grows!