Monday, 26 August 2013

With Faith We Bring HIM Joy! Card

What a wonderful theme for this time of year…. Summer days are shortening into Autumn, and there is so much faith that everyone shares, even if it is just that spring will come again.  The card I made is multipurpose, for celebration or comfort. I picked one of my favorite verses that comforts me knowing that because of my faith, the savior has joy… it’s a great thing to know.  There is some great gospel art to download at, the one I picked was here. I opted to make the card as a print and cut with my Silhouette… one way to make a nice looking card with one sheet of paper (well, two in this case as the picture below is just the pieces for the card front, not the card base).

with faith

And with a little bit of dimensional tape, voila!



  1. Beautiful card, I need to play with my print & cut more.

    1. I've been meaning to do a tutorial on how I do print and cuts with Studio Design software.... Just have to set some time aside to do it. I never thought I would use the print and cut feature of my cutter, but once you start you'll love it!