Sunday, 7 April 2013

Spring Birthday

Thanks for joining me from the Card a Day Blog, with the first card in our Spring theme! Spring is the season for new life, and this certainly rings true in my family - 5 birthdays! Needless to say I combined the themes!
I made this quick card trying to utilize the “rule of thirds” to balance out the composition. I started by raiding my paper stash to pick out some spring colors. Bright pink for my granddaughter, who will receive this card. Pale blue for the sky that is not so rainy anymore where I live (thank Heavens!). The HappyHappyHappy paper is from a Circuit pad “beyond birthdays” that I’ve had for a while.  The bird on a flower branch is from Silhouette Studio’s designer Rhona Farrer “House of Three”, called “House of 3 bird collage”. 
The card base is 5” x 7”. I glued the pink paper on top of it and trimmed it to match.
The blue strip of paper 2 3/4” x 6 1/2”, I wrapped and glued on the Happy Happy paper on the bottom third of the strip.
In Studio, I chose the bird inspiration and resized it and flipped it so it faced the way I wanted it to.
I made the Birth Day title and print and cut both items out. Here is what my screen looked like:
spring birthday
Once I had everything together, it was a simple glue or tape it to finish it!
I hope you enjoyed this card. Remember to visit the Card a Day Blog tomorrow for some more Spring inspiration from Jill! And don’t forget that you inspire us too! Join us in our April Challenge at the Card a Day Blog!

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  1. Sweet card Shelley, really like what you did with it