Thursday, 25 April 2013

Card a Day Blog ….. Oh Wishing Well …..

This week one of the RN’s I work with is retiring after over 35 years of service… Our department wanted to make a card and include something special for her (shhhhh! It’s a secret!).
I thought a wishing well would be the perfect thing to put on her card, as we were making a wish for her success in retirement!
I had a lot of fun making this card… I started out with the idea of a wishing well… thought about doing it with a print and cut with my Silhouette, but opted to make it from scratch.
The card base is approx. 5 inches by 7 inches. 
I made a cream colored background out of some cardboard I had, and ran it through my crimper both ways several times… it made a subtle texture, and softened the tone.  I layered that on some velum, and cut it out to be a border. 
The real fun came with making the well. I had some nice rich brown cardstock, as well as some leather textured art paper.  For the top of the well, I basically cut out these pieces, and ran them through the crimper (except for the left side of the roof and the posts).
After crimping, I cut a piece of black cardstock to be the shadow of the inside of the roof. I also taped on the leather textured paper onto the well part… it was a fussy cut, as I wanted it to simulate stone, so I really chose what area I used on the paper.
Then it was simply to use glue, tape and double sided foam adhesive to put it all together.  I felt it needed greenery, and instead of fussy cutting grass, I used some silk leaves from an arrangement I had in my house.
On the outside I wrote: We made a wish.
On the inside is : we hope your every success!
Sorry I don’t have more pictures to share with you… just wanted to give you an idea of an easy card to do Smile

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  1. Very cute and a wonderful card for a retirement.