Saturday, 15 December 2012

Happy Snow Day!

Sometimes the best cards in my opinion are the simplest ones! I had some fun with this card, inspired by the frost on my car this morning…. in fact, the frosty background is a picture of the frost on the window shield on my car!

A simple print out, layering, and doodling some snowshoe “prints” across the card front, along with the “happy snow day” sentiment.

Just a little bit of fun, that reminds me how I feel like when it snows (happy and young)!  Remember the most important thing when making cards, or doing anything for that matter…. Have fun!!!

From my car to my card!




We at the Card a Day Blog will be on our Christmas/Winter break, but can hardly wait until January 3rd, when we will be back with more daily card inspirations for you!

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  1. Replies
    1. We just got our first snowfall of the year this morning... wish I had some snowshoes now :-) Thank you for all the kind comments Tina!