Saturday, 20 August 2011

What a great day for a hike!

Cheryl, Cody & I went for a hike on the Ripple Rock Trail today! 16 km, and 4 hours later, we were all pleasantly exhausted Smile
For more information on the trail:
We were shocked to be the only car in the parking lot when we started the trek.  The above picture was taken at around 10 am.  We had a hot day today – it was 15 deg. Celsius when we started! We went well equipped ~ sound horn, bear spray and bear bells, in addition to water for us and Cody.
The trail is really well maintained. The first part of the trail had stairs and bridges where necessary. Even though we were hiking under the forest cover, the heat was there!
There was a suspension bridge over Menzies Creek … Cody was so good going over it!
Our first rest stop was at a beach. Across the way was a log sort area.
Our next stop was on a viewpoint, a bluff facing the same way as the beach.
Below is a picture of Cody, wet after chasing a seagull at the next beach rest-stop.
The last big climb to the end of the trail.  There were stairs!
The view from the end. Straight ahead is Maude Island… to the right is Race Point.
We watched the boat traffic for about 20 minutes before starting to head back to the car.  It was an amazing view, and well worth the 2 hour walk.
Now I can hardly wait to figure out what other adventure to go on… after my nap! (Gosh, we were all so tired after our trek!)


  1. Wow Wow Wow is that gorgeous! Beautiful trail to hike love the pics

  2. Yep, hard to not have a good time on a hike!

  3. Hi Shelly!!!
    I did not realize you were all the way up near BC, well I would say that is quite a ways from me all the was down near DC ! :-), Thanks for the wonderful pictures of British Columbia!! I have never seen BC before, well I think some gardens at Victoria once. This is a real treat to see sights from up your way!!