Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A New Beginning, and a Poem for You!

It’s been a while since I posted to my blog… I guess life in a new town, work, and fracturing your ankle (last May) can do that to you.
I’m doing this post as a new beginning…. In the past 50 posts or more, it has been mostly greeting cards I’ve made, but I haven’t got my craft room set up and running yet, so there won’t be many of cards posted. Today’s post is a fresh start and hopefully will be more of a reflection of who I am, and things I’m thinking about or doing. Enjoy!
 I tried to think of how I would send this poem I wrote while in high school to the producers of The Deadliest Catch on A&E… well, they are out of luck, because I’m sharing it with you!

 Neptune’s Power
The sea in her wrath roars
At what she may devour
Challenging any man
To fight against her power

Neither here, neither there
She stalks the balmy sea
Until she finds incautious man
And batters him with ease

Blowing gales she bellows
With arctic cold she blows
 Sending fear into hearts of men
Who’ve heard of woe ne’er slow

 It happens so quick and fast
 There’s stories that could be told
 Of men who’ve battled and lost
With no chance of becoming old.

 I was living in Ucluelet at the time I wrote this. I loved walking to Johnson’s Beach and the way the sea changed during the seasons. Nothing quite as good as watching a full out winter storm! The danger that you could feel, even when you were in a safe place was exhilarating.

 I have to admit that most of the poetry I have written has been when I have been upset…. Kind of my own therapy to work things out. This poem was written for the love of being by the sea, and my respect for it. In that sense this poem is even more special to me. I hope you liked it!

Below: a picture I took last month of a sailboat at Rebecca Spit, on Quadra Island.

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