Wednesday, 15 May 2013

F is for Father

Actually, F was my co-worker’s husband’s first initial… I had fun making this card for her family to give him (they were giving him money to buy his own IPad). I designed the card to look like it was a piece of technology (I hope!), with his initial and an APPLE logo attached to it. I also made a tab to simulate a closing tab of an IPad case. It is to scale in size with a regular IPad too! You could take the idea and run with it, by changing the wording around the border of the “screen”. As usual, lots of room for personal notes of love


happy birthday insertDSC01773

On the inside I made a money holder by embossing a flap and gluing it onto the card. The white embossed piece of paper is just to guide the money out of the flap. I used Serif's Draw PlusX5 to make the inside signing insert... I find that program makes it just too easy to make a shape and then put wording around it. Silhouette Studio does an ok job at do that as well, although if the project is large, it bogs down the program significantly IMHO.


I hope you enjoyed the card! And thanks for visiting from the Card a Day Blog too!

I’m going to post a Father’s Day poem this coming week, so stay tuned!


  1. Wow that is a super cute card!Okay Shelley just purchased the cameo, probably be in my hands after the weekend. Any good tips or sites I need to check out to help with it

    1. I'm drooling now Tina! I have an older Silhouette. I use Studio a lot, but actually prefer cutting from MTC. I would suggest joining the MTC group at yahoogroups You'll get a lot of inspiration, and be able to learn how to do lots (for free!). I can hardly wait until you start doing some print and cuts. I never thought I would use that feature, but it sure frees up time and makes everything co-ordinate so much better!
      Keep your eyes open at silhouette america's site too, as they offer 20% off subscriptions 2 to 3 times a year... I think there is one going on now... they offer free shapes weekly too. I think I must have 2000 shapes on my computer... sigh, it is an addiction, LOL