Friday, 1 February 2013

A Spot of Tea You Say!

This week’s theme at the Card a Day Blog is Invitations!

I put together a simple digital card today, just to bring me back to my roots…. and how I began paper crafting in the first place….. making posters for staff luncheons and functions.I did this for the most part digitally. I started out using Print Artist and then Printmaster and Print Shop. My current “digital” software of choice though is Craft Artist 2 ( from Serif ). 

The digikit that I used was Afternoon Tea (which came as a bonus when I ordered the software).  The one thing I use the software most often for is removing the background of pictures… (I’ll show that in my next card!).

The nice thing about doing digital cards, is that you can use what you do as a foundation for doing print and cut cards (I’ve done lots of these… printing and cutting out the embellishments), or if you are more into traditional cardmaking, using your digital efforts as a layout idea.  My goal is to show you something different to do “digitally” for the next few cards I make… also I want to show you some neat products I’ve used to make a plain printed card grand!  Stay tuned, I’ve committed to doing a card every two weeks on my blog, and hopefully some in between too!


spot of tea


  1. Cute card and very colorful. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the software

    1. You know, I've been working on my craft room, and I really don't buy too many embellishments... mostly things to do with paper (embossing folders, decoupage mediums, glitter & glue products).... I'm hoping the next few cards inspires some new ideas for everyone to use too!