Sunday, 8 May 2011

May 7th & 8th Weekend projects

We had fun in the back yard this weekend.  Felt like we accomplished lots anyways!
Cody was busy supervising this weekend. He loved the sunshine that appeared on and off throughout the weekend.

Marcel worked and finished his project of replacing the fire screen mesh on our outdoor fireplace. It looks better than new!

I worked on my gardening. Filled three of the five earth boxes by Marcel’s shed.  The three on the left have crimson broad beans and celery in them.  I will probably put some nasturtium seed in them to jazz them up and make them look pretty.  I still have three more earth boxes to make and plant around Marcel’s shed… they will be full of scarlet runner beans and such.

The greenhouse is chock full of plants to get out… had no room left for the hanging baskets I made, so the tomatoes will have to tough it out in the ground!

Behind the tomatoes are some violas that reseeded themselves, with some chives and asparagus. I’ve planted 5 varieties of large tomato plants, and two types of cherry tomato plants. The varieties are:  Mortgage Maker, Sasha’s Pride, Coldset, Keepsake, Bonny Best, Tumbler (cherry) and 100’s of 1000’s (cherry).  I also planted some lettuce, dill, oregano and yukon gold potatoes.

That’s all for now!
Lots more gardening to come!

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