Tuesday 17 November 2015

A Hike to the Lookout!

The view from my front yard.... Beautiful blue sky!
In the winter where I live, it can be overcast and gray and drizzly 90% of the time... or at least it seems so. Needless to say, last Sunday, when it turned out to be such a sunny day, I decided to take advantage of the fact! After church, Cody and I took a hike up to the Lookout. I haven't been there since I was in my early teens - before proper trails or roads went up to the top!

It took Cody & I about and hour and a half to hike to the top.  It was about a 10% grade all the way. Boy, I need to do this more often!

First of all, no comments on my choice of footwear LOL! I live in my Birkenstocks! Even in slush! (Sad, I know!) Actually, it was so nice I didn't think I would need anything else on my feet to keep them warm.

View of the road up to the Lookout.  Most of the trail was in the trees, so no direct sunlight.

The higher we got on the trail, the more varied the plants were. Nice to be in a forest of ferns. We may get a lot of rain here (79 inches/year, most of it in the winter).... but we have green! I can't tell you how much Cody was enjoying this hike!

 He did insist on walking through all the puddles.

Looking upwards along the railway tracks. Still a ways to go.

Views just getting to the lookout!

Cody, of course was the first there! I was barely able to stop him from rolling in the grass at the edge of the bluff (darn dog!).  This, I have to say, is my favorite picture from the hike.

And oh the views of the valley! 


 Yes, I have proof I was there too!

 So here is me hoping for more good weather, and more hikes around the valley! Be sure I'll share more pictures of the places we go!


  1. What a lovely hike ! Great pics ! I have never been there but I've heard a lot about it.

  2. Great photos! Wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing!

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